Creating a Closet

A closet is often viewed as a space to store clothing, shoes and other knick-knacks you want out of sight-a dull yet functional necessity. That trend is changing! Over the years more and more of my clients have started taking an interest in the design of their closet and want to expand the space. The expansion of square feet to the closet isn’t necessarily just for additional shelving space, but to make it more of an extension of the master suite functioning as a full dressing area. When designing closets, I will add a chandelier, a plush ottoman, an eye catching rug or maybe even an island with a marble counter.

Here are a few of the recent closet designs that I have worked on in clients homes:

File May 10, 9 52 43 PMPhoto Apr 10, 9 11 46 PM

This spacious his and her closet opens into a full-on dressing area with an ottoman and french styled chair! Large windows provide a natural light to the area and wall scones brighten the mirror view. A luxe chandelier over the ottoman crowns the space perfectly.  The neatly organized shelving system serves a dual purpose of display and storage.

File May 10, 9 24 54 PMFile May 10, 8 58 00 PMHere I chose glass and mirrored surfaces for both of the open closet designs pictured above. This further opened the spaces up as well as provided extra viewing angles for the clients. The first closet shown I included an island with a marble counter top for an extra streamline of glamour. In the second closet design pictured above I added art work, a rug and a plush bench to keep the design from the master suite continuous through the closet. 

I spend lots of time with my clients discussing their needs to design a home that will fit their lifestyle. A large amount of this time is dedicated  to planning their closet layout. One client expressed to me her love for fashion and the large amount of time she spends in her closet. For this design I added a chaise lounge, stunning pieces of art and filled it with all her beautiful things! I believe your closet is your personal home boutique-it should reflect your style!

For more information/inquires on the design and products in the photos above click here to be directed to the contact page! 

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Melanie Martin is a brilliant interior designer with an undeniable passion for her craft. Melanie’s talent, creativity and attention to detail allow her to bring any room to life. She has traveled the world using her talents and is one of the most sought after interior designers on the Gulf Coast.

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